Hiring A Roof Repair Contractor For Your Business

Most people are not comfortable with repairing their roof on their own.  If this is the case, you need to know how to choose the right roof repair contractor.  If you do not get a good contractor you could be left with the same problems or worse.

Assess The Problem First

Before you look at hiring a contractor you need to assess the problem yourself.  This is important because it will help you avoid cowboy contractors who exaggerate the problem that you have to get more money from you.  If you have a leak in your roof you should head to the attic and look for water marks.  This will tell you where and how large the problem is, but you could also ask a friend or family member who has experience in home improvements to look for you.

Check Credentials

When looking at a contractor you have to look at the credentials they have.  A physical business address is a good indicator that they are not a fly by night operation.  You should also see if they are members of any roofing associations or the Better Business Bureau.  When checking credentials you also need to check that they are licensed and insured.

It is very important that their insurance is up to date and you should ask to see a copy of the insurance when they give you an estimate.  If the contractor is not insured and they are hurt during the job you will be liable.

Ask About Experience

Before hiring anyone you need to ensure that they have experience in the job that you are asking them to complete.  It is not a good idea to hire a roofer for repairs on tiles when they generally complete thatch installations.  The roofer that you hire needs to have knowledge of the type of roof you have and of the job you are asking them to complete.  If they do not you could be faced with having to hire someone else to fix what they do.

Look At Their Previous Work

You need to ask the contractor for any examples of past work they have done.  Any good contractor will be happy to share the examples that they have.  If the contractor does not want to offer you any information on previous jobs then you should be wary about the level of skill they have.

Get A Written Estimate

Before you agree to hire the contractor you need to get a written estimate for the job.  This should include the price of the job in detail and an estimate of the amount of time the job will take to complete.  The written estimate will help you compare a number of contractors to see which one is best for the job.

When comparing estimates you should not simply choose the cheapest.  You need to carefully look at what each is offering and where they seem to be saving money.  A cheapo estimate could be the result of cheap materials and the cutting of corners.

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